Water Line Repair and Replacement

Water Line Repair

Water lines tend to breakdown over the years, and when they begin to go they can cause damage to your home’s foundation and landscape, which will also lead to high water bills.  This is because many homes in Tucson were built before the mid 1960’s and the piping is susceptible to rusting and leaking because it is probably made of galvanized piping.  Also, galvanized piping is only rated for 50 years of service.

If your Sewer Line was installed in the 1970′s or beyond then it’s likely to be made of PVC.  Which can be susceptible to damage by chemicals and shifting ground and improper original installations.  But prior to 1970, most sewer lines were made out of concrete or clay, in 3’ to 4’ sections.  These older sewer lines are generally worn out with joint operations, root intrusion, bellies in the pipes and just plain old deterioration.  Likely causing slow drains and sewer backups.

Water Line Replacement

Old sewer lines must be replaced, relined or burst with new HDPE.  We use video cameras and electronic location equipment to thoroughly assess the damage.  And very high-tech trenchless technology whenever possible to save our neighbors and customers as much money as we can.  We work to replace worn out old sewer lines from your home to the street connection.