Gas Leak Repair

When your home or business needs natural or liquid propane (LP) gas line repair or installation in Tucson Arizona, TAZ Plumbing can help you when you need it most. Western Mechanical has licensed, bonded and insured journeyman technicians available for quick response for gas leak repairs, installation of gas lines for new appliances, and other related services.

What is Gas Leak Repair?

The repair or replacement of natural or LP gas lines should not be undertaken lightly. Handling even the smallest gas leak is not as simple as dealing with a leaky faucet, where you might place a bucket underneath it until a plumber can be called. A gas leak is an urgent issue and should be addressed by professionals who are trained in such emergencies. The symptoms of a gas leak in natural or LP gas lines are:

  • An odor of sulfur or rotten eggs
  • Hissing or blowing sound near gas lines or tank

If you believe there is a leak in your natural gas or LP gas lines, DO NOT attempt to locate the source yourself. Leave the area immediately and contact the professionals of TAZ Plumbing right away for emergency gas leak repair.