Garbage Disposal Repair


Is your garbage disposal not grinding food the way it should? Whether the garbage disposal is not draining, is making strange noises or is having any other issues, TAZ Plumbing technicians can help. Our garbage disposal repair services will have your disposal up and running in no time.

New Installation

Garbage disposals require both electrical and plumbing connections. If your sink has never been fitted with a disposal unit, ask your contractor if it is sturdy enough to support one and to withstand the vibrations of its operation, and if any new wiring will be needed. The layout of your home will determine the complexity and cost of the wiring process. The amount of prep work required and the model of disposal you choose contribute to installation costs.

Replacing an Existing Unit

If you are replacing an existing disposal with a new one, chances are good that modifications will not be needed to fit the new unit. Installation rates for replacement disposals are  affected by the ease of removal of your old unit and any plumbing or electrical repairs that are needed to properly install the new unit.